We make a real difference!

360Medlink team designs and builds evidence-based digital health platforms from end-to-end with clients and end-users. Our experience working with vulnerable and at-risk populations sets us apart. Find out how we make a difference..

Evidence based ideation

  • R&D based on medical and clinical research
  • User-centered design rooted in behavior science
  • Assessments of needs and product specifications
  • Collaborative builds of impactful solutions

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Work with us


Each product phase is supported by design, technical and marketing teams, agile in their approach. Teams collaborate on the development based on user-centered design research, evidence from medical and behavioral sciences, and an understanding of the shifting market and regulatory environment.

  • Agile team developing multi-platform products (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Ability to embed solutions within larger programs and sites
  • Customized CMS systems for rapid updates
  • Deploy solutions within different regulatory environments


Our solutions integrate with larger sensor networks through easy-to-use APIs to capitalize on broader programmatic approaches. Expertise in machine learning and AI is built into smart applications that dynamically respond to changing needs of our end users.

Evaluation and Product Evolution

Whether for product evolution, program evaluation or clinical trial research, our in-house clinical and UX research team can create and execute research plans tailored to answer the questions at hand for all types of clients.

  • Test and validate with different end-user population
  • Platform support and provide analytics options
  • Meet regulation and accessibility standards
  • Product maintenance and upgrades
  • Interactive design

Find out how we help clients build impactful, user-centered digital health technologies


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