About us

We deliver evidence-based innovations that transform Health Care

360Medlink is a software development company focusing on scientifically tested Digital Health Solutions that bring considerable value to patients, providers and payers.


Developing Personalized Turnkey Solution

We tailor our Digital Health Solutions to your needs and those of your patient. Both upstream and downstream, we can assist you every step of the way in the deployment of large-scale digital health initiatives.


Building together a Personalized Digital Health Intervention Framework that best meets the Needs of Patients.

Software & Application Development

PMP and Agile methodology for a seamless delivery.

Regulatory Support

Every Stage of the Digital Health Intervention Development is Subjected to Rigorous Regulatory Evaluations.

Iterative Optimization

Strategic watch and optimisation along the product adoption’s growth curve.

IT Lab andDigital Innovations

Our team of expert software engineers experienced in development of innovative digital health solutions work with you on fully customized your needs.

Web Development & Mobile Apps

User Experience & User Interface Design

Software, mHealth Innovations

Life Sciences & Product Management

We are pioneers of SaaS ready Digital Health Platforms. Specializing in Digital Health and Therapeutics (DTx).

Digital Health

Digital Therapeutics(DTx)

Digital Clinical Trials

Digital Health

Digital therapeutics(DTx)

Digital Clinical Trials