Software as Medical Device (SaMD).A Class-1 Medical Device (MDD/MDR) with CE mark.

Persist-RX enables healthcare professionals to calculate and track skin surface areas instantly.


A powerful AI Technology to target and capture skin surface area size for monitoring and treatment.


Can facilitate HCPs decision-making process for prognosis and future course of treatment.


Can Alleviate HCPs patient's external lesions examination task load, making it a time saving, cost efficient solution.


Can help HCP better encourage patient to persist and adhere to their treatment recommandations by envisioning progress.

Web Tool Management

Tracker app

Why Persist-Rx ?

With Persist-Rx technology, HCPs and Patients can better envision the treatment's progress throughout the course of taking their medication.

Treatment satisfaction and perceived medication effectiveness go hand in hand. *

Patient perception regarding medication effectiveness has been linked to improved adherence. *

Ref : Leonard, K. V., Robertson, C., Bhowmick, A., and Herbert, L. B. (2020). Perceived treatment satisfaction and effectiveness facilitators among patients with chronic health conditions: A self-reported survey. Interactive journal of medical research, 9(1), e13029. ISO 690

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