We are excited to share the groundbreaking findings of the NASTAD evaluation report on the TAVIE Red Program. This comprehensive evaluation highlights the remarkable impact of our innovative program on enhancing HIV care engagement and adherence.

This report provides valuable insights about the effectiveness of our program. It showcases the significant improvements achieved in medication adherence, viral suppression rates, and patient engagement with healthcare providers.

It confirms the transformative power of the TAVIE Red Program in revolutionizing HIV care. Through its personalized approach, interactive content, and remote monitoring capabilities, our program has broken down barriers and empowered individuals living with HIV to take control of their care journey.

At 360MedLink, we are committed to leveraging technology to improve healthcare outcomes. The NASTAD evaluation report validates the impact of our TAVIE Red Program and reinforces our mission to deliver innovative solutions that enhance the lives of individuals living with HIV.

To delve deeper into the findings and insights of the NASTAD evaluation report, we invite you to access the full document : https://taviered.com/app/uploads/2022/10/NASTAD-TAVIE-Red-English.pdf

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