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360Medlink announces the first cancer indication for its TAVIE virtual coach platform.

TAVIE is a clinically validated treatment companion app that optimizes patient engagement and treatment adherence. For the past eight years, the TAVIE platform has successfully impacted the lives of people with chronic conditions as evidenced by 90% patient satisfaction, 87% peer referral and a significant increase in adherence.

360Medlink is now releasing TAVIE-cancer, bringing the same value to patients living with oncology conditions.

The TAVIE Platform provides interactive, personalized, and evidence-based coaching intervention to improve patient outcomes. The provider portal, TAVIE-PRO facilitates care coordination, remote monitoring, access to real-time data and population health management. Current health care organizations using TAVIE highly value its holistic approach to the patient’s positive care experience and self-efficacy, in addition to care providers enhanced satisfaction.

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