Quebec’s Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation Dominique Anglade visits 360Medlink booth at CES2018 in Las Vegas.

360Medlink started the New Year with a highly successful week showcasing their software innovations at CES 2018 in Las Vegas!

CES is the world’s largest consumer electronics conference and one of the most prominent arenas for international leaders in the field to connect and collaborate. Digital Health CES showcases the latest, cutting-edge innovations in digital health and wellness.

360Medlink proudly attended as a member of the Quebec Delegation, a collection of more than 50 companies and organizations traveling from the province. The Delegation was accompanied by Dominique Anglade, Quebec’s Minister of the Economy, Science, and Innovation. The minister had the opportunity to visit our booth at CES where Jean-Manassé Theagene (CEO) and Camille Blanckaert (Director of Operations) explained and demonstrated the finer points of our healthcare innovation flagship product TAVIERXRX the clinically validated virtual coach and patient treatment companion.

In recent years, Montreal has grown as a thriving community of international technology startups, and we are continually proud to be part of it!

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